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Manage a Better Business with GPS Vehicle Tracking

We provide the latest GPS tracking technology to companies of any size, helping to improve overall operational efficiency, reduce expenses and increase profit.

  • Improve performance and cut costs
    (Regardless of the industry you serve)
  • Take control of your inventory and
    employee time
Vehicle GPS Tracking in Guelph

We will match your business needs with the right system. Manage your business, your time and your job performance with a system you can trust.

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With Trillium GPS’S fleet tracking system, you can:

  • Accurately predict arrival times for improved customer service
  • Reduce driver tardiness and provide faster pickups and deliveries
  • Cut costs associated with fuel, vehicle wear and tear, and excessive idle time
  • Monitor any 12-volt vehicle component (e.g. PTO)
  • Help locate and recover stolen vehicles
  • Resolve billing disputes

Tell us about your business and your goals, and we’ll match you with the GPS tracking system that best suits your needs.


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New to GPS vehicle tracking?
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Trillium GPS can help you find a simple and effective solution, customized for your unique business needs.

Are you running a GPS Fleet management product and need to make a change?
We have the right solution to improve your business and provide the customer service you expect.

Making the switch from a different GPS Fleet management product?
Often we can use your existing GPS trackers to save you from purchasing all new GPS trackers!


We make it as simple as possible to track your vehicles so that you can manage every aspect of your business without worrying about a thing.


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